11 May 2015

Store and Organise Your Precious Photos

I organise my photos by month, in this file format for ease of sorting 'YEAR MONTH'. Any special events (weddings, birthdays, concerts etc.) have their own folder. For example I would have a '201401' folder for general January images, and a '201401 Big Day Out' folder for photos of the event. I also back up all my photos to Flickr. Flickr offer free 1TB accounts and allow you to tag photos, which is great because I can tag them with multiple tags and sort by tags: parties, pets, weddings, peoples' names, locations, dates etc. and then sort them that way. I also made my own tag 'POOL ROOM' which is reserved for those perfect photos - good enough to go "straight to the pool room". It takes a few minutes to tag them all, but is well worth it. You can pay to have a larger upload limit, which I do once every few months - I set aside a few hours spread over the month to upload like a fiend. I am finally on top of all my photos, and can easily upload month by month now. Best of all I can access my photos from any computer, can upload from any computer and never have to worry about losing the originals in a fire, or having Facebook own my photos to use as they want without permission. Check it out www.flickr.com.
Contributed by Sandi Darling

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