29 May 2015

Menu Plan May 31st - June 6th 2015

Wayne and I are on holiday for the next few weeks, but I still meal plan. The kids are still at home, so they need to be fed too. Sticking to the meal plan will stop them from ordering pizza or eating junk, and it really helps when we're travelling to know that there is something for tea each night.

We need to eat wherever we are so taking the meal plan with us and packing the ingredients to cook saves us a fortune in restaurant, cafe and roadhouse food. Homemade is good, even when home is a tent in the outback.

All these dinners can be made over a campfire if necessary. We love the roasts done in the camp oven over the coals. The meat has such a delicious smoky flavour and is melt in the mouth tender. I usually put the veggies in the pot around the meat about an hour before it's ready to cook, then use the juices in the bottom to make the gravy. Yum!

Sunday 31st: Roast Beef

Monday 1st: Honey Mustard Chicken

Tuesday 2nd: Sausage Casserole

Wednesday 3rd: Spanish Rice

Thursday 4th: MOO Pizza

Friday 5th: Lamb Hotpot

Saturday 6th: Soup & crumpets

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  1. Hi Cath,

    Thank you so much for all your inspirations and advice. I've been a fan of yours for sometime now and love being frugal.

    This morning I was looking for a recipe and found your MOO French Onion Mix. I use store-bought mix most of the time and would like to try this asap.

    In it you have mentioned you sometimes use your own dried onions and parsley. I have a lot of air dried parsley from my garden and know how to dry them. But I have no idea how to dry onions. If you have spare time, can you please post how you dry your onions (or onion flakes) for us?

    I wholeheartedly thank you for everything you do for all of us wish you and all your loved ones all the best.
    Best regards,

  2. Hi Millie,

    Welcome, and thank you for your kind words, I love being frugal too - hence the dried onions!

    I buy onions in 10kg bags about twice a year. Some I slice and freeze, some I dice and freeze, some I slice, dry and then use the coffee/spice grinder to turn into onion flakes.

    To dry them I peel and then use a mandolin to slice them very thinly, it gives even slices and makes the drying more reliable. Then I just put them into the dehydrator (nothing fancy, just a $50 Aldi version) and let them cook on low for about 12 - 15 hours until they are very dry. Onion has a lot of water so they take a while to dry and I've found longer on lower heat is better as it gives a more even drying. I let them cool then crush them and store the flakes in re-purposed pasta sauce jars.

    If you don't have a dehydrator they can be sun-dried on racks or even dried on racks in the back window of the car, with the windows wound up and sitting in full sun, this obviously works best in summer.

    The MOO French onion mix is wonderful - very different to the bought because it is just ingredients, no fillers, I'm sure you'll love it.

    I'm not sure where you are, but if you buy onion flakes, then Hindustan Imports has fantastic prices and will do online orders. http://www.hindustan.com.au/


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