22 May 2015

How to Haggle for Success

You wouldn't think of buying a house or a new car without first negotiating with the seller to make sure you pay the lowest possible price, and you always make an offer on potential market and garage sale purchases. so why not use those haggling skills for other purchases you make?

Haggling for success takes a little skill and some confidence. Here are my top 5 haggling tips. They'll give you the skill and confidence to haggle for success.

1. Know what you want.  Research your item and the price at different stores. Use catalogues, flyers, the internet and don’t forget to ask other people where they get their best deals.

2. Know how much you are prepared to spend.  Set your budget and stick to it. Take into account delivery time and delivery charges.

3. Start with the question “What’s your best price?”  Don’t get tricked into telling them what you can afford or how much you want to pay first, let the salesperson give you a price.  With that, you have bargaining power.  Always be polite and friendly.

4. Be prepared to haggle.  Ask another question “How much for cash?” if you are paying cash. Wait for their response and then ask for Seniors discount if it applies, or if they would throw in delivery, installation, etc. Always be appreciative of a discount – a dollar in your pocket is better than a dollar in someone else’s!

5. Value Add.  Ask how much if you buy another item eg a lounge suite and a flat screen TV, a washing machine and a dryer, a TV and a DVD player, a dress and a pair of earrings, shoes and a handbag, etc.

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