09 May 2015

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Day 5: Prettily Packaged Soaps

I love good soap. A pretty handmade soap. I love the scents, and the often spend time in my dressing table or bedside drawers before I use them. I even keep some in the linen cupboard, tucked in amongst the towels and sheets to keep them smelling sweet.

So if I were to receive a very prettily packaged bundle of lovely soaps I would be thrilled.

You can get handmade soaps from craft shops, pharmacies, gift shops  - my local post office even keeps them. They run from $1.95 a cake up depending on where you buy them they can be expensive so be aware. This week Aldi have Dove soap for $1 a bar. This makes a nice gift too.

Being a block soap is very easy to package up nicely.

Here are two ways pretty packaging can make a $1 bar of soap look like it cost a whole lot more.

Wrapping paper, ribbon and a bit of bling

You will need:
1 bar soap (I use Dove bought for $1 or less per cake, it smells nice and wraps nicely in the box)
Wrapping paper
Co-ordinating or matching ribbon
A dazzling buckle*
Double-sided sticky tape

Step 1. Wrap the bar of soap in the wrapping paper, using the double-sided tape to secure.

Step 2. Slide the end of the ribbon through the buckle. Wrap the ribbon around the length of the soap, positioning the buckle in the centre of the top. Secure underneath with double-sided tape.

Step 3. Use a glue dot to hold the buckle in place if  necessary.

(This packaging idea comes from The Bluebirds are Nesting,  Annabel has beautiful craft ideas on her blog, please visit to check them out).

A stack of soaps

You will need:
3 rectangular or square bars of soap - all the same size. You can have them all the same colour or a mix'n'match set.
Clear cellophane
Wrapping paper
Baker's twine to coordinate with your wrapping paper
A button
Cardstock (for printing the sentiment - or a pre-made embellishment)
Glue stick or glue tabs
Clear sticky tape
Double-sided tape

Step 1. Wrap the individual soaps in cellophane, using clear sticky tape to secure. Stack.

Step 2. Cut a 4cm strip of wrapping paper to fit around the stack. Secure underneath with double-sided tape.

Step 3. Wrap the stack with the baker's twine four times, securing underneath in a knot.

Step 4. Print the sentiment onto cardstock. Trim and attach to the top of the stack with double-sided tape at an angle. Stick the button to the sentiment to finish.

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