07 July 2015

A Freezer (or Pantry) Challenge

I'm Cath and I'm a stockpile addict.

I love my stockpile. It  always puts a smile on my face when I look at full shelves and a bursting pantry. I can't help grinning every time I open a freezer to see it packed tight with food for my family.

But enough is enough. It's time to start using that stockpile and making room for new groceries bought at rock bottom prices.

It's time for a freezer challenge.

My freezer is so full at the moment that I had to actually rearrange our meal plan to use some of the meat and chicken I bought (all marked down) because it wouldn't fit and the lid wouldn't close! It is so full the bags I use to organise and keep things tidy are over-flowing. My freezer is starting to get messy!

So I won't be buying anything to add to the freezer until 7th August. I'll need to be strong to resist being tempted by the markdowns when I take Mum shopping (or perhaps I'll just give someone the list and send them in).

I love a full freezer and pantry, they are my security blanket, and I absolutely love a good grocery bargain so a whole month of not adding to the stockpile will be hard.

Actually that will be the hardest part of this challenge.

Using the freezer stock will be easy, as I always plan our meals around what is in the freezer, fridge and pantry.

And at the end of the month there should be room in the freezer to start stockpiling baking supplies as they come on sale, just in time for Christmas baking and holiday treats and I can start feeding my addiction again.

So who's going to join me as we eat our way through the stockpile and save a whole lot of grocery money? Are you strong enough to resist stockpiling for a month (just think what you can buy on sale to rebuild your stockpile with the money you won't have spent!)?

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Cath,

    I'm joining you with your freezer/pantry challenge during July and will make sure I won't buy anything for the pantry or freezer. All I need to buy during July is fresh produce top ups such as milk, bread, fruits & veggies (will make sure I buy the minimum).

    My freezer and pantry too are full to the brim and I really don't have any space left for more food. I too managed to share some of my pantry items with others by giving away lots of chocolates, tins of drinking chocolate, Nutella and some other kiddie friendly food (all were half priced). It was a loving gesture but I still have plenty left.

    Though I had the hang of going for 'half price bargains' which helped me save money to a certain extent, I was not fully into it for some reason. Recently I understood the value of this method fully. Other than day to day top up staples (which are always on the cheap side), now I try my best only to buy groceries at half price. This has helped me to save a lot of money already. Thank you so much for encouraging us to follow your methods.

    It is time I send my freezer and pantry on a diet. I sure think they need it. Will see how they (and we) cope it and will start stockpiling again in August.
    Thank you so much for your blog, advice and everything you do for us.
    Best regards,


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