21 July 2015

It’s Time for Christmas in July - Day 20


If you love to give homemade gifts like jam, lemon butter, pickles, mustard, bread'n'butter cucumbers, pickled onions, drink mixes, spice mixes and so on you need jars.

I love pretty or quirky jars for my gift giving, using jars that are embossed with fruit or flower designs, or different shapes (octagonal is my favourite). You can buy them, but even from op shops you'll be paying 50 cents each for them. Start saving your jars now. And ask friends and family to save them for you too. They can be washed and dried and stored until you need them. Then when you're ready to start cooking just sterilise them and they're ready to fill.

And now is a good time to think about labels and jar toppers too. There are hundreds of ideas for pretty labels online, you're sure to find one you love. For jar toppers buy half a metre of pretty fabric and cut it into  circles 5cm larger than the jar lids. You can use plain scissors but pinking shears give a lovely zig zag edge that looks great and doesn't fray.

It’s Time for Christmas in July - Day 19

Update your Christmas Card List

Take some time to update your Christmas card list. Make sure addresses are up to date, delete any addresses you no longer need and add those new addresses to ensure that when it comes time to write and send your cards you won't forget anyone.

It’s Time for Christmas in July - Day 18

Make your own gift tags

Gift tags aren't expensive, especially if you've stockpiled them during the after-Christmas sale. But  why have the same gift tags as everyone else?

Take a look through your  wrapping paper, Christmas cards and gift bags and consider making matching gift tags.

Step 1: Simply cut a circle or get creative and use your biscuit cutters to make shapes. I like hearts, gingerbread men and wreaths (trace a larger circle, then a smaller circle in the centre and cut out the smaller circle).

Step 2: Use a hole punch to make a small hole in the top of the card.

Step 3:  Attach a short piece of string which can be attached to a present or gift bag.

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