08 July 2015

It’s Time for Christmas in July - Day 8

Today's Christmas in July tip is timely!

I called into Woolworths early this morning and noticed Arnotts Shapes for $2 a box - these are a Christmas staple in our house, a rare treat because we only have them over the Christmas/New Year holiday.

I add a box to each stocking (everyone has their favourite flavour) and we have them as nibblies on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve so I'll be buying 6 boxes to add to the Christmas box in my wardrobe. They keep for months and buying them now on sale not only saves money but it's one less thing on my list in December.

Christmas Shopping Tip

If hosting Christmas you can purchase non-perishable items months in advance. I usually buy 2 or 3 items each shop and store. Come Christmastime you won't have as much to purchase and the shopping budget won't look so bad.
Contributed by Monica Coysh

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