01 July 2015

It's Time for Christmas in July - Day 1

If it's July, it must be Christmas, or at least our annual Christmas in July challenge.

If you belong to the BO group (and that's Born Organized, not what you were thinking!) then you are most likely finished with your Christmas planning, shopping, making and wrapping and are shaking your head at the rest of us who are thinking "Christmas? It's months away!".

Christmas may well be months away, but if you want to own your Christmas and be able to actually relax and enjoy the festive season, you really do need to start now.

You need to start now if you are planning on a handmade Christmas (find out about my handmade Christmas challenge here). You need to start now if you are on a tight gift and entertainment budget. Start saving in July if you find Christmas shopping, planning, wrapping and entertaining stressful in December and give yourself plenty of time to make Christmas 2015 one you can really enjoy.

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