04 July 2015

Menu Plan July 5th - 11th 2015

My apologies, but the  menu plans I had scheduled to post while I was away didn't! Not to worry, I'm home and back to regular blogging (and meal planning).

Already this week, and I've only been home three days, I've changed the meal plan. Last night was supposed to be schnitzels. Instead AJ requested curried chicken and as I had some chicken from our trip, a jar of MOO low-fat evaporated milk, coconut essence, dried peas and carrots and curry powder that's what we had. The bread wasn't too fresh so I toasted it to use to scoop up our curry. No leftovers and happy faces all round.

Tonight we should be enjoying tacos but Wayne has requested baked bean toasties so I'll make some for the boys and I'll have scrambled eggs on toast (Hannah has gone out).

Now we are back from our trip, I'll be sticking to the meal plan like glue. It makes it so much easier to catch up on housework, gardening and of course blog, website and writing work if I don't need to think about meals.

Sunday 5th: Roast chicken, baked veggies, gravy

Monday 6th: Rissoles, sweet potato mash, steamed greens, gravy

Tuesday 7th: Spag bol and salad, garlic bread

Wednesday 8th: Vegetable Moussaka (a freezer meal) and a tossed green salad

Thursday 9th: MOO Pizza

Friday 10th: Pumpkin soup and toasted crumpets

Saturday 11th: Haystacks

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  1. Welcome back Cath, hope you had a lovely holiday and well deserved break away.

    You are right about using and sticking to a menu plan to make life run smoother. I have been menu planning the last month and it definitely makes life easier. I seem to be more organised when I know what is for dinner, I even get it served on time :)



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