01 July 2015

Card Eating ATM Causes Epiphany

Sometimes it takes what appears to be nothing short of a disaster to show us just how easy it is to stop spending, as Cheapskater Jessica found out.

Card Eating ATM Causes Epiphany

At our lowest point financially I recently ran up to a local ATM to get some money out only to realise I didn't have enough in our account. I then resorted to my credit card (thinking doesn't matter, I will fix it up later... I have done it plenty of times) only to put my pin number in wrong three times. The card was eaten by the ATM there and then! Panic set in. I had no cash! I rang the credit card company only to realise I had to fax this, that and the other, it could take up to ten working days etc. Once the panic had subsided I realised I was only two days away from pay day and bugger it who cares if I can't use that card anyway! So I have not faxed anything, I have just realised I don't need it and now I have been transferring as little as $5 left over from my pay day each week onto the credit card. This card may take time to pay off but at least I know I can no longer to any damage with it financially. I am actually looking forward to paying this money sucker off!
Contributed by Jessica

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