24 July 2015

It’s Time for Christmas in July - Day 24

Now's the Time to Plan your Summer Holiday

In Australia January is traditionally the month most of us take our annual holiday. Some of us head to the beach, some of us head to the bush, some of us head off anywhere else and some of us holiday at home.

However you plan to spend your summer holiday, even if it is just the gazetted days, start planning now. Think about where you are going, how you'll be getting there, where you'll stay and what you'll be doing. Work out your holiday budget and start saving towards it.

Take some time to research accommodation costs, travel cost, discounts to entertainment and restaurants and anything else you would like to do on your holiday.

Look for discount opportunities online and through any club or organisation affiliations you might have.

It might be cold and dreary right now and holidays may seem a long way off but summer and holiday time will be here before you know it.

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