10 July 2015

It’s Time for Christmas in July - Day 10

Keep Christmas under control needs a plan. Today's Christmas in July tip from Sherril has a step-by-step plan to help you get a head start and stick to your budget.

Six Months Until Christmas and the Shopping Frenzy

I know Christmas is still almost 6 months away but I have nearly finished my Christmas shopping and have saved myself over 50% off the cost. This is what I do.

1. I buy my cards and Christmas wrap after Christmas when they are up to 60% off. Same with Christmas decorations such as tinsel and ornaments.

2. I have a list of names and ages of people we buy for as well as items they may like to receive.

3. I read all junk mail and circle any ideas for gifts. Target have just had a big toy sale and I saved a fortune with most toys nearly half price. Best and Less had rugby league apparel marked down. I bought a Titans jumper for my nephew (in the next size up)for $15.00.

4. I often go to garage sales and find brand name clothes in new condition for next to nothing or other items still in packaging that would make great gifts.

5. Then I wrap them and put them away until Christmas.

The savings are fantastic but best of all I don't have to contend with hundreds of desperate shoppers rushing around before Christmas.
Contributed by Sherril

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