28 May 2010

Checking All the Labels Pays Off

When you are buying meat or chicken at the supermarket, always look further than just the top tray. I was in my local supermarket and looked at some chicken breast fillets in a 'bulk' pack. They were marked at $11.99 a kilo. When I picked this up to look closer, I noticed the tray underneath was exactly the same stock with the same expiry date, only marked at $7.99 a kilo! It pays to notice the little details, as instead of paying $12 for 6 large fillets, I paid only $8, which I can stretch out to 3 meals for the family. Also, never assume that the stock with the SPECIAL sticker is actually cheaper- it pays to read the fine print.

Contributed by Erin, Abernethy


  1. My local supermarket had a "grand opening" today because of a change of ownership. They had a massive massive special on boxes of huggies nappies. (We use cloth during the day but disposables at night and for going out). There were no boxes in my daughter's size. I spoke to a storeman, who got the manager, who got the new owner. The store is going to order some in my daughter's size and will honour the super special sale price. (Works out at 23c per nappy for Huggies!!!!!!)

  2. Wow Mel that's great news, and kudos to the store manager and the new owner for doing their best to make you a loyal and happy customer.

    Would you like to share the store details? If they are that helpful they deserve to be promoted, I would love to include them in our SYLT (Support Your Local Trader) directory.


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