21 May 2010

Rewards Points Conversion Equals Cash

I try to use my Fly Buys card as much as possible when shopping  without spending unnecessarily. Once I have received 2,500 points I then redeem the points and get a $20 gift voucher. This then can be used at places like Coles, Target etc.  I use it to help pay for the groceries. Watch for Fly Buys bargains as this will increase the points. Be careful... only buy what you need.  I usually manage to collect three or four a year, just by remembering to get the card swiped when I am buying groceries and petrol.  In effect we get $20 worth of groceries for nothing.   And if you do pick up some bonus points make sure you DO receive them. I had to chase up 2,000 bonus points.

Contributed by Lynelle

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