27 May 2010

Micro-fibre Magic

A generic micro-fibre cloth for every room of the house, available at any $2 shop, has saved me thousands. One in the shower for my face saves $60 a year on facial scrubs, with a little drop of hair conditioner on it. People always comment on my soft, clear skin. Add a little soap and you have a body loofah. Then wipe over the shower with another with a little pure soap, e.g. Velvet. I used to clean houses for a living, and people used to ask me how their shower now stayed soap-scum clean for weeks over the holidays, and it was simply by using pure soap instead of Jif etc to clean. One cake of soap has lasted many years. Put a little vinegar or disinfectant on a cloth for the toilet if you want an added freshness, and one for the kitchen sink to cut down on dishwashing liquid. Saves also on bench disinfectants. Wipe down the oven, stove, fridge etc. One as a duster, and tie one onto the mop for a brilliant, hygienic clean. I bought nine, and they have lasted for three years to date, and they are still not wearing out. Windows sparkle, for an added shine, add one drop of dishwashing liquid. Throw them in the washing machine and dryer if you want. I have a generic microfibre mop ($4 at the $2 shop). It is now two years old. Five years ago, I went to an demonstration party, but couldn't afford the whooping $40 for one cloth. I thought that I could save up for one, one day, but I didn't need to, the generic brands started appearing.
Contributed by Fiona, Warrnambool

Editor's note: I love micro-fibre cloths. I use them for just about everything, including the car and the bbq. I know that Shannon Lush (of Spotless fame) says they are too harsh for delicate china, crystal, silver etc so if you have anything of those items it may be best to use another cloth or at least use them with caution. Cath

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