23 May 2010

Grow Spuds in a Cage, a Potato Cage That Is!

There is a lot of information around on growing spuds in stacks of tyres and that method really does work. The only problem is getting hold of the number of tyres you need. You can still grow potatoes in your backyard veggie garden, just grow them in a potato cage. All you need is galvanised netting (cut to 150cm wide x 90cm high), galvanised wire (for tying the sides together), some anchors and straw. Just roll the wire together to form a cylinder and tie the ends with wire. Dig a circular trench in your garden bed that's 10cm deep and a little larger than your cage. Place 3-4 seed potatoes in your trench and cover with soil. Place your cage on top and anchor it with wire pegs (you can make your own with wire or use metal weed mat pegs or small tent pegs). Water your tubers and let them grow. As shoots appear, place straw around your plants, leaving just the tops of your potato plants uncovered. Then continue to add straw as your plants grow (pack it in tightly) to prevent the developing potatoes being exposed to light. Each time you add straw, leave just the tops showing. And then it's simply a waiting game until they're ready to harvest!

Contributed by Harry, North Bayswater

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