09 May 2010

Start stalking

I have become a supermarket stalker! I regularly follow the meat manager, waiting impatiently until he puts the bright yellow sticker on the tray, and pouncing even before he has taken his hand away. I want that marked down meat and I'm prepared to jump to get it. After all, I'm not the only stalker,  there are others waiting in the shadows, watching, ready to fly across the aisle to get as many mark downs as they possibly can.

I also stalk the produce manager, the bakery staff and the lady who refills and  tidies the dairy cabinet. All in the name of saving up to 60% on my grocery bill.

Buying marked down food is no longer seen as shameful, something to be hidden and stealthily snuck home, all the while hoping no one sees what's hidden under the full price, brand name groceries.

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