02 May 2010

Learn to NOT spend money and feel good about it

For some spending money feels good, it creates a euphoria that hides all the worries and woes they should be dealing with. It may also evoke feelings of control and power.  So why not make NOT spending money have the same affect. Allocate one day a week as a no spend day. Put the money you didn't spend into your Peace of Mind Account to help it grow. When you've mastered one day of not spending you might like to try the challenge of a week and then a whole month of not spending. You'll be amazed at how good you will feel knowing you have regained control over how, when and where your money is spent.


  1. Can I be super excited that mid last week, after a few rough days, I suggested to my husband that we eat out/in with Chinese take-away. But how super super super excited was I about 20 mins later when I talked myself out of and stayed home and enjoyed a beautiful homecooked meal!! The clincher was.....I would have had to work for about 4.5 hours to pay for that takeout meal!!!!!

  2. That is fantastic Mel! I know how tempting takeaway and eating out can be after a long, hard few days so well done on resisting the temptation. I bet you had the meal cooked, eaten and the kitchen cleaned faster than if you had eaten out too.

    It's amazing how when you work out how long you have to work to pay for something you change your mind! Have fun with the 4.5 hours you don't have to work now.


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