17 May 2010

Crafty Workmates Get Together to Share Skills

Approximate $ Savings:   10-$200
At my work there are a few crafty ladies and some that are also renovating or decorating a home, so we have put together a little club. Once a month we meet at someone's house (we take it in turns) and we bring books, ideas and different skills that we can all share. One of the benefits is if someone is stuck for a solution to a decorating problem, or how to finish or start a project then we have the group to help with ideas. The savings are made when we share reference books, patterns and instructions. Most of the time if I want to learn a new craft some one has already done it and they can pass on the information and skills without me having to pay for classes and books. It is also a great time to catch up and have a coffee with friends.
Contributed by Kellie, Gordon

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