18 May 2010

What's for Dinner - It's a Surprise!

Approximate $ Savings: $30 a week

We have a weekly "surprise meal day" at our place, which involves creating something out of all the bits and pieces in the fridge and pantry. Food never goes to waste - last nights leftover chicken becomes tonight's chicken pasta or pizza - that way we don't feel like we're eating the same thing, and we're using up our leftovers in the process. Having a surprise meal just once a week has cut our weekly grocery bill by around $30 - hard to believe, but we are not buying as much food, we are not throwing out perfectly good food that hasn't been used and we are not tempted by takeaway. Might I add, our weekly rubbish bin is never full - not buying what you don't need means there's less waste - a great way to help the environment as well as your hip pocket!

Contributed by Glenda, Wonthaggi

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