13 May 2010

Deliberately Shopping for Discounted Food

This money saver can literally cut your food expense in half. Every food store, especially Woolworths, Coles and IGA, has 'reduced to clear' items that are located all over the store and mostly have to do with items that are nearing their "Use By" or "Best Before" date. Such items are easily spotted by a sticker or a clearance tag. The savings are made when you build your menu around the clearance items. Commonly reduced foods are salads and fresh fruit at half or less than half price, fresh juice (I have purchased five litres of Daily Juice for as little as $1.00), cheese, and fresh and pre-packaged chicken and meats that are often reduced to less than half the marked price. Desserts are often shamefully reduced too. The list is endless and the food quality is not compromised in the slightest, it is just that the food needs to be eaten or frozen before its  expiry date.
Contributed by JT, Sandy Bay

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