26 May 2010

Keep the Savings Separate

I have an everyday bank account like most people, but I also have an "online saver" account. I have it set up so just enough money to pay bills is in my everyday account, and all other money is in the online saver account. I can access this account through the Internet and can take as much or as little as I want out of it, so if I need some more money for something like a birthday present, etc I can access it , but it takes two working days. This means that I have to really think about what I am buying and why. This has stopped me from making multiple impulse purchases. For example last month there was a pair of shoes (my weakness) that I wanted and because I had two days to think about the purchase before the money was in my everyday account, when the two days were up, I decided that I didn't even like them anymore, didn't buy them and didn't spend money from my savings.
Contributed by Jessica, Wagga Wagga

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