04 June 2011

An Apron for Grandma

I love aprons, come from a long line of apron wearing women, so this gift personalized for just for me would really make me smile. Make your own apron from calico or cotton, there are hundreds of patterns available online if you need one.

An Apron for Grandma (or Grandpa, Aunty, Mum, Dad....)
Here's a great idea for cheap but great gifts for grandma. All you need is a cheap calico/cotton apron (pick them up in a dollar shop or Spotlight) and some fabric paints. Pour the fabric paint out onto a paper plate. Draw three stems along the bottom of the apron and get the kids to dip their hands into the paint and make hand prints at the top of the stems. They'll need to make 3 or 4 prints, moving their hands around each time to make a flower effect. Leave the paint to dry and 24 hours later iron on the reverse side to make the paint stay. For best results don't wash for at least a week. Voila! An original and special gift for any one who likes to cook. Another idea is to put loads of random footprints all over the apron and scrawl something like 'my grandkids walk all over me' across the front.

Contributed by Trudy

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