23 June 2011

The Scent of Spring

At this time of year, when windows are shut tight against winter draughts, our homes can get stale and stuffy.  If you can't open the windows and doors wide and let the breeze blow through, the next best thing is the scent of spring.  Rather than use an artificial room deodoriser make up one of your own.  For the cost of a few drops of your favourite essential oil, a little vodka (yes, real alcohol) and about two minutes you can have a room spray that will have you thinking you've skipped July and August and gone straight to September.

To make your air freshener spray you will need:

1 spray bottle
1 cup cool water
2 tbsp vodka
10 drops bergamot essential oil
10 drops peppermint essential oil

Pour the water, vodka and essential oils into the spray bottle. Put the lid on and shake really well.  Spray into the air for an instant "spring fresh" scent.

You can alter the mood of your spray by using different essential oils. Experiment with your favourites until you find a combination that you love, then use your own unique air freshener liberally to keep your home fresh all winter long.


  1. Luv it - such a great idea - bought air fresheners make me feel ill (really) so a way to spray essential oils (that i can use) is FANTASTIC :-)

  2. No alcohol in my house can I use witch hazel or isopropyl?


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