08 June 2011

Your Home Movie

It is recommended that you have a detailed inventory of your home contents to help with insurance claims (and police reports if needs be). Of course you can do this the old fashioned way with pen and paper or you can move into the 21st century and turn it into a movie. Just use your video camera to record your furniture, collections, jewellery and anything else you would claim on your insurance or miss if it was lost or stolen. Don't have a video camera? No problem, most phones these days have video function so shoot and download to a DVD or a flash drive.  And if putting everything on film sounds too hard just grab your camera and take photos. They'll help you remember possessions and smooth the claim process.

1 comment:

  1. I've done this for years. So had Lenny. We trade DVD's too so if there was a fire we'd each have the other's inventory. Now I subscribe to Carbonite that constantly backs up my computer so everything is in the cloud. Love it.


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