10 June 2011

Check the Specials Before You Shop

After you've made your  meal plan and shopping list, check the sales flyers for the week. Ours usually arrive in the letterbox on a Wednesday and a Sunday. Compare them with your shopping list.  Look for ingredients you have on your list that are on sale, or ingredients on sale that will do the same job as some you have on your list.  If certain items you like are on sale, use your grocery slush fund to stock up and freeze the excess for future meals.


  1. I always check the Coles catalogues (I shop there and Aldi) but I find that alot of what is on special is the "treat" food that we don't buy anyway, but it is good for things like peanut butter, cat food and bathroom products.

  2. I agree - the catalogues are becoming increasingly full of 'treat' food like soft drink, lollies, chocolates and chips. You can guarantee that there will be a brand of chocolate (or some other treat food) on special in any given week. If you don't already track supermarket specials to predict when your preferred products will come on special, just browsing the catalogues each week clearly shows the cyclical nature of supermarket specials. Will it be Cadbury or Nestle, Pepsi or Coke this week?


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