11 June 2011

Keep Kids Content in the Car with Games

Taking off on a road trip is an Aussie long weekend ritual. Keeping the kids amused is one of the challenges of this ritual.  Here are three fun car games kids and adults can play. Playing games in the car keep the kids amused and calm and if anyone tends towards car sickness, it take their mind off the journey and eases the nausea.

Car Colours
Perfect for little kids. Everyone chooses a colour, then has to count the number of cars they see in their colour in a given time frame. When the time is up the person with the most cars wins.

Alphabet Game

Taking turns, each person has 5 kilometres to find the letters of the alphabet. Starting with A, they must find them in order.  A for instance could be on a number plate, B on a road sign, C on the side of a truck etc. When the 5 kilometres is up it's the next person's turn. The person who finds the most letters wins.

The Sightseeing Game
The first person names a letter of the alphabet. Each player must name a tourist attraction or point of interest that begins with that letter in each of these categories: city, state, country, river, mountain, park. Whoever completes the most categories wins.

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