02 June 2011

Zero Waste in the Kitchen - Homemade Pies

These tasty little pies ensure zero waste in the kitchen, especially if you use stale bread as the pie crust. They are just perfect for using up the odd spoonful of leftover sauce, gravy, vegetables and meat.

Homemade Pies
I have a pie maker and when I want a cheap meal I make pies. If I don't have pastry sheets in the freezer I use large slices of bread (less fat). Two tablespoons of any filling is all that is needed per pie. Leftover mince, creamed corn, leftover chicken in a bit of instant gravy, leftovers from a previous dinner, baked beans etc are all suitable fillings. The pie maker will also make quiches and potato topped pies and it makes quite a filling meal. A jaffle maker is also a good option. Pies and jaffles can cost less than $2 per meal.    

Contributed by Bev, Carlingford

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