21 June 2011

Eggy Toast

Sometimes you just need comfort food, not the usual hot and stodgy meal full of carbs, but something more nostalgic. Eggy Toast is my ultimate nostalgic comfort food. It brings back memories of winter breakfasts when Mum would make it to fill us up after our porridge and memories of something warm, gentle and easy to eat when life wasn't kind. To me eggy toast says "I love you" in the most delicious way.

Hannah and I had eggy toast for dinner last night. She had a particularly distressing day at school and was in dire need of some comfort and eggy toast fit the bill perfectly. Wayne and the boys had their rissoles and veggies and managed to dispose of the leftovers. Hannah and I made our eggy toast and curled up under the doona on her bed and ate our eggy toast and watched The Princess Diary on DVD and it was nice. And comforting. And my girl went to sleep peaceful, contented and much happier than she had been a few hours earlier.

Eggy Toast

Sliced bread - heavier breads such as wholegrain or sour dough are perfect but any bread will do
Eggs - one for each slice of bread

1.  Use an egg ring or scone cutter to cut a circle from the middle of each slice of bread.

2.  Heat a fry pan over a medium heat, add butter and melt. Drop the bread into the butter, swish it around a little so it soaks up the butter.

3.  Crack an egg into the circle. Cook until the white is set and the bottom of the bread is toasted.  Flip and cook until the egg is cooked.

 4.  Place onto a serving plate.

5.  Add more butter to the pan if necessary, you need enough to toast the bread. Butter the circles on both sides, drop into the hot fry pan and cook until golden, flip and toast other side.

Place the circles on top of the egg, sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste and enjoy.

This toast is best made with butter BUT if you are worried about cholesterol use margarine. I've tried it with cooking spray and olive oil spray in the pan and it just didn't work, butter or marg are needed to get the right degree of "toast".  It's a great way to use up stale bread if you have plenty of breadcrumbs.

Served with baked beans it makes a great Saturday or Sunday night dinner too.

Eggy toast really is the ultimate nostalgic comfort food.


  1. Greetings + salutations,
    this is what we call a "chook's eye"!

    'Ooroo for now,
    Julie B~~~~~

    ~stay safe, drive carefully + laugh lots~

  2. Love it! My Scottish mother always called it eggy bread and the name has stuck, now my kids and my niece all call it eggy bread too.

    Nice to know others like old fashioned comfort food too.

  3. This is a camping favourite of ours, easy to cook on the BBQ. My husband grew up calling them "Grandma Specials".

  4. This is a family favourite in our house, has been for generations apparently. We call it "egg in the window". I do ours in a flat sandwich press, never breaks the yolk and cooks both sides at once. So quick.


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