19 June 2011

It's time to plant your garlic

If you are planning on growing your own garlic this year and haven't already planted it, now is the time to do it! Traditionally garlic needs to be in the ground before the shortest day of the year, and that is this coming Wednesday, June 22.

To plant your garlic, gently break the heads into cloves. Plant each clove, point end up, about 7cm deep and 7cm apart. Garlic likes well drained soil, soggy soil will cause the heads to rot. Dig in a little compost before you plant to give the cloves a boost. After a couple of weeks the shoots will begin to show through. Treat your garlic to a once-a-month watering of seaweed solution and watch it grow. It is ready to pull when the leaves have died off and the heads have formed their papery outer skin. Hang the garlic to dry for two weeks, this is essential if you want to store it.

And there you have it, your very own home grown garlic, a most undemanding crop if ever there was one, that gives such a wonderful, fragrant bounty.

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