03 June 2011

A Mixed Up Kind of Day

 I like Friday. It's my puttering day. I putter around the house and garden, tidying up,  doing little cleaning jobs and getting the house ready for the weekend. I often do extra baking and cooking so I don't have to do any over the weekend, after all I like some time off too.

Today was no different. I tidied up the kitchen after breakfast and folded some washing. Put another load on. Had a walk around the garden and checked up on my seedlings, they're doing well, even after this week's frosts. Swept and mopped the kitchen floor and tidied the lounge. 

And at 11 o'clock I put the kettle on for a hot chocolate and realised the jar was empty. If I wanted a hot chocolate for morning tea I would have to make some more mix up, which is what I did. While I was fishing around for the cocoa and milk powder I realised I had enough Weetbix crumbs to make some more shake'n'bake. While I was getting the ingredients for the shake'n'bake out the KFC coating container felt a bit light on so I thought I'd make some more up seeing I was making mixes.

Now all the containers are full of fresh mixes and I did enjoy my hot chocolate. Tom came in just as the kettle boiled so he had one with me and we chatted about the week and the coming weekend. He's really enjoying his studies and we are so proud of the smart, independent young man he has become. He's forming opinions and planning his future and that old saying about watching what you say in front of your kids is true, they do parrot it back to you. He was talking about buying a house and how he'd furnish it. I suggested he might like some of the more modern furnishings only to be told in no uncertain terms that he wasn't wasting his money on cheap modern stuff - he wants what we have. He knows how much it's worth and how to buy it at auction or garage sales, what to look for and how much to pay. Yes, my constantly talking about buying quality second-hand being good value has come back to bite me, but in the nicest possible way.

After our chat I put a load of washing on and realised it was time to make more washing powder. This time I made a double batch and filled the container up. That will see us through winter and spring.

And then I sat down and checked the forum. The excitement about Miracle Spray finally had me itching to make some so now there's a big bottle sitting on the sink, all ready to use for cleaning. I tend to use the Super Six and microfibre cloths for cleaning.  I'm not a huge fan of commercial cleaners but the rave reviews about Miracle Spray have me curious so I am going to test it out - on the boys' shower and the kitchen floor. If it can get those two clean I will be forever a fan. I don't know how the boys manage to get their shower into such a mess, it's cleaned thoroughly every Tuesday, but it's always a scrubbing job.

And of course the kitchen floor just gets grimy from everyday cooking, eating and living. Oh, and from my "experiments", they tend to be messy, but it's all in the name of research.

Ok, I have time to do the shower and the floor before I zip out to pick up Hannah so I'm off to try out the Miracle Spray!

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