03 June 2011

Uses for Old Stockings

Old stockings are great for all sorts of things. In the garden for tying up plants, the stocking is pliable and will not damage the plants. I make my own liquid fertilizer from garden waste and the stockings are great for sifting the fertilizer when it is ready to use. Cleaning - wad up the stocking and it makes a wonderful scrubbing non-scratch cleaning cloth. Left-over soap - cut the toe off the stocking and put in all the little left over pieces of soap, tie the end and it makes use of all those little pieces of soap no-one wants to use. It can be applied directly to skin and makes an excellent exfoliant. Can be used in ways in which you would normally use a cake of soap. I am sure other readers of this wonderful newsletter have more uses. If you don't wear stockings any more, they are readily available at op shops for about 50 cents a bag.

Contributed by Hazel, Banksia Beach

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  1. We used to use them as bags for children's jigsaw puzzles (the sort in trays). They keep all the pieces inside, but are see-through enough that the children don't have to open them to choose.

    When your plants are going to seed and you're not sure you'll be able to collect the seeds before they scatter, put a stocking over the whole pod and fasten it with a twist-tie. They're thin enough for the seeds to finish ripening through.

    My mother has also turned them into replacement drawstrings (I think only for child-sized clothes, though). By the way, another tip: re-thread drawstrings and elastic with an old hair-pin (or a new one, but one that has stretched open is easier). Just thread it through and tape the end, then use as if it's a giant blunt needle. For even more convenience, keep an eye out for a small cap that fits over the end of the hair-pin instead of taping it each time (ooh, I must try the lids from those tiny fish-shaped soy sauce tubes that come with sushi).


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