17 July 2014

An Easy Bedroom Makeover

You don't need to spend a fortune to makeover your bedroom. If you're bored with your bedhead transform it in just an hour with this inexpensive trick.

You will need:
Staple gun
Quilt batting
A designer flat sheet
Buttons - matching, coordinating or glamorous
Hot glue gun

Step 1. Start by covering the front and sides of the bed-head with three layers of quilt batting to give it a luxurious, padded look. Pull the batting around the sides and fasten it to the back of the bed-head with the staple gun. Don't be stingy with the staples, you want the batting to stay put.

Step 2. Using your sheet cover the front of the bed-head with the fabric, pulling it around the sides to stretch it tight. Staple it in place over the batting on the back. Again, don't be stingy with the staples.

Step 3. Using tailors chalk mark a diamond pattern on the front of the bed-head. Staple at regular intervals to create a tufted look. Hot glue a button over each staple.

You now have a custom upholstered bed-head and a brand new look for your bedroom.

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