07 July 2014

Zero Waste Challenge: Save Your Smashed Powder Make-up

It happens to all of us, we buy our powdered make-up, blush and eye shadow, and one morning we open our makeup bag and what do we find? Our powder all smashed up and ready for the bin.
In fact it isn't ready for the bin and this sneaky little secret shows you how to make your powdered make-up look brand new again.

You will need:
Isopropyl alcohol
Plastic wrap
Eyeliner Brush
Eye dropper

Step 1. Cover the powder with the plastic wrap while it is still in the compact.

Step 2. Mash up all of the powder so there are no big pieces or lumps.

Step 3. Using the eye dropper take the alcohol  and drop about 4 drops onto the powder.

Step 4. Take the spatula and smooth it over; don’t forget to add a little bit of pressure so the powder will compact down and stay together.

Step 5. Take the eyeliner brush and clean up around the edges.

Follow this and you will never know your make-up was once a crumbling mess

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