24 July 2014

Nifty Ways to Reuse Butter Wrappers

We use a lot of butter in our house. I use it in all our baking, to grease cake tins, to grease the fry pan for pancakes and scrambled eggs and of course on sandwiches and to make garlic and herb breads. I'm sure there are other things I use butter for; they just don't come to mind right now.

I prefer butter to margarine, and not just for the taste. Butter has no more than two natural ingredients in it: pure cream and salt, and only one if you buy or make unsalted butter. 

But I digress. How and why I use butter isn't what today's post is about. It's about how I use the butter wrappers, those delightfully handy squares of greaseproof paper that keep butter fresh. 

Don’t throw them away after you've unwrapped your butter. Fold them and put them in the fridge for the next time you need to:

Grease cake tins: next time you need to grease your cake tins or cookie sheets use a butter wrapper.

Press down MOO LCMs or Mars Bar slice:  when making your next batch use a wrapper to press them into the pan, no more sticky fingers. Use them to mould popcorn balls too.

Instead of non-stick spray for cooking: next time you need to sauté something or lightly grease a frying pan, use a butter paper to wipe the pan.

Separate hamburger patties: If you're out of MOO freezer paper (repurposed cereal wrappers) use butter papers to separate hamburger patties or steaks in the freezer.

Microwaving potatoes: Poke washed potatoes with a fork then wrap them in butter papers before microwaving. They'll come out soft and delicious, ready to be filled. 

Butter tops of freshly baked breads: As soon as your bread comes out of the oven, take a butter wrapper and rub it over the top! The butter will glaze the crust beautifully.

Coat your cast iron pans: After wiping out your frying pan, use a butter wrapper to rub a little butter back into the pan then wipe it over with a clean dishcloth to keep it seasoned for the next use. Saves accidentally using too much oil.

Set a wrapper on a stack of pancakes or waffles: Stack them high and set a wrapper on top to keep them buttery without loading a ton of butter on them. You can also put a wrapper on top of a bowl of rice or potatoes before serving too!

Corn on the cob: Put a butter wrapper on each plate when you serve corn on the cob. Use them to coat the corn with butter. It stops butter dripping all over hands and is so quick and easy even little children can manage their own corn cob.

Cut a cheesecake: Before cutting a cheesecake (or any other sticky dessert), wipe the butter wrapper over the knife blade to make cutting through super clean and easy.

Stop pancakes from drying out: put a butter wrapper on the plate you stack cooked pancakes on. Have another one handy to keep on top of the stack to prevent the pancakes from drying out. 

Buttering hot popcorn: Take a wrapper and stir it through hot popcorn to butter it. You'll get the buttery flavour without the kilojoules and mess.

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  1. Gee that reuse of cereal wrappers is a good one. Totally wouldnt have thought of that.


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