16 July 2014

How to Stop Having the Money Argument with Your Friends, Family, Partner or Spouse

Money can be a touchy subject. It’s necessary to live and many people have their own money beliefs and money habits.

This can lead to some very heated arguments. And unfortunately, unless the money issues are resolved the arguments happen again and again.

It’s unfortunate because many relationships break up over money arguments and it is completely unnecessary.

The key to ending the money arguments once and for all is to communicate.
For example, if you’re having difficulty with your big spending friends sit down with them and tell them your financial goals and objectives. Explain why going out to expensive nightclubs and restaurants doesn’t fit your plan. See if you can find common ground.

For money fights with your spouse or partner the solution is similar. Sit down and establish your priorities and goals. Create a plan together to achieve your goal. When you’re both open to communication and working together money arguments will be a thing of the past.

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