10 July 2014

The Dinner Pressure's Off with a Pressure Cooker

Consider using a pressure cooker to prepare your meals. They are fast, energy efficient and today's modern pressure cookers are very safe.

The boiling point of water is 100 degrees Celsius at sea level. This boiling point changes with increased pressure, and it's this idea that is used in pressure cooking.

Food cooks around four times faster in a pressure cooker than using conventional methods. And because pressure cookers use less energy you'll be saving money and helping the environment.

Pressure cookers are ideal for preparing cheaper cuts of meat. Even the toughest cut becomes melt-in-the-mouth tender when cooked in a pressure cooker. Soups, stews, casseroles, puddings and pot roasts can be on the table in around 45 minutes, just great for a busy day.

You'll find that food often tastes better cooked under pressure, much the same way a stew or casserole tastes better if it's left in the fridge for a couple of days. The higher heat and increased pressure combines and melds the flavours together so it tastes great as soon as it's cooked.

Food prepared in a pressure cooker also retains more nutrients as they use less liquid. This means that food is better for you too.

If you haven't tried pressure cooking yet, borrow a pressure cooker and give it a go.

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