10 July 2014

On a cold and wet Thursday

Thursday is my day I spend with my Mum. When the kids are home they spend the day with us. Mum loves being Grandma and she is so proud when the boys carry her shopping bags or push the trolley around the supermarket for her. She loves that they go and get her coffee for her when we stop for a cuppa (her Thursday treat).

I love that I somehow managed to raise two strapping young men who actually like spending time with their Grandma and their cranky mother and do it without being asked.  When they are going to be home on a Thursday they always ask on a Wednesday night if I'm going out with Grandma so they can come.

But today is cold. My hands are freezing as I am typing this up. I can see through the loungeroom window that it is raining. It's dull, windy, overcast. Not at all a nice day. And it's school holidays. That means crowded shopping centres.

So today we are picking Mum up and bringing her back here for morning tea, lunch and perhaps even afternoon tea. I have knitting to do and I know she will bring hers. Hannah is home today too and she has knitting. I can see us all sitting, with cosy rugs over our knees drinking copious cups of tea, having a great old gab-fest, knitting up a storm.

There are scones in the freezer for morning tea. I have some sausage rolls and vegetable soup in the fridge to warm up for lunch and if we really want anything for afternoon tea there is date loaf in the cake tin. What is it about really cold, dismal days that make us want to eat? I have no idea, I don't really care, we'll just eat as much as we want and enjoy the day together.

Perhaps if Mum has anything urgent on her list we'll stop at Aldi when we take her home. If not, we won't bother with the shops at all today and just keep those chores for next week.

I know we won't miss it. A no spend day is a great day, especially when we are surrounded by loved ones.

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  1. Awww Cath what a lovely heartwarming post♥

  2. Thank you. We had a lovely morning and lots of knitting was done, we now have two nice new dishcloths in the cupboard and Hannah managed a couple of coat hanger covers.


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