18 July 2014

Get Creative and Redesign Leftovers

Let's face it, leftovers aren't nice. They are, well, leftover. But with a little creativity you can redesign those leftovers into a delicious and totally different meal and save money and time into the bargain.

Put simply you are going to cook once and eat twice (or even three or four times). When you plan your meals look for dishes you will have leftovers from. For example when I cook a pot roast I cook a 2 - 2.5kg piece instead of a smaller single meal piece.

The first night we have pot roast with potato, pumpkin, carrots and beans. Then the next night I use some of the meat to make stroganoff and we have it with buttered noodles. Then the third night I shred the remaining meat to make enchiladas. Two extra meals from leftovers! When roasting beef comes on sale at $5.99/kg I buy three or four pieces and put them in the freezer ready to prepare some tasty, cheap meals.

This works for other staples too. When you cook rice or pasta double the amount and freeze the extra. Leftover pasta can become pasta bake or pasta salad. Leftover rice can become fried rice or rice patties.

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