04 July 2014

Don't Make this Mistake!

Changing your shopping habits and becoming a Super Shopper is exciting and fun, but don't make the mistake of going in all gung-ho and slashing your grocery budget by half (or more!) straight away. That simply won't work because you are starting from scratch. You haven't developed all your Super Shopper skills yet and you won't have Cheapskates style stockpile of your staples to fall back on. Keep buying the groceries you need right now and start building your stockpile with items you can buy on sale, ready to use for future meals.

Don't be surprised if the first month you actually see your grocery bill go up, that's normal. You will be buying for now and the future. Start to incorporate your stockpile items into your meal plan and keep just buying on sale and that bill will start to not just drop but plummet. You'll be able to feed your family and stock-up on your staples and stay within your budget.

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  1. I'm really glad I just read this post! I am just starting out with once a month shopping and it's a good reminder not to get too upset if I spend more than I really wanted to this first month. I luckily have some meat in the freezer and some staples in the pantry, so I should still be able to reduce my grocery spending but I'll keep thinking of it as a work in progress until I really get the hang of things :) Loving this site and all the handy tips!


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