14 April 2011

Collecting Free Firelighters

A sudden cold, wet snap had me lighting the fire yesterday. Getting a roaring fire going takes patience and a good firelighter and today's tip really works!

Collecting Free Firelighters  
If you live somewhere cold enough to have a fireplace, there are probably some nice big pine trees around. I stop with the kids and we collect pine cones. They are great for starting the fire! There are always carry bags in my boot so this is easy to do. One carry bag takes me a few minutes to fill - some of the kids are faster (you can make it a race to fill a bag).
Contributed by Judy, Canberra

1 comment:

  1. Hi there, Judy & Cath,

    I particularly like Palm Fronds - the flimsy 1 metre flimsy ones down south not the humungous huge ones up North.
    I knot 3 of them together in 2 places & add about 1/2 dozen to my set fire.
    Whooooosh - Up it goes everytime.



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