22 April 2011

Know Your Store

We all know that having a shopping list saves us money. Knowing the store layout saves you time and money. The biggest pet peeve and risk to your grocery budget has to do with the need to shop every aisle to find the things on your list. Choose a supermarket that has all of the food and qualities you like in a supermarket then visit the customer service desk and ask for a store plan. On your grocery list, put the number of the aisle next to the item. Now, you won’t skip over the bread on aisle two while looking for the bicarb soda which is on aisle four. You'll probably find that most of the things on your list will be around the perimeter of the store (fruit and veg, bakery, deli, dairy and freezer items) or in the first two or three aisles (baking goods, cleaning goods). The middle aisles are usually devoted to soft drinks, sweets, biscuits and convenience products. If you want to save money you'll skip these aisles.

1 comment:

  1. I try to know my store, but as I work in one part of town and live in another and visit another. It can be confusing when I quickly drop into a store to buy something. Makes finding the ONE thing I am after very difficult as they put things in different places, although similar layouts. Pat


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