08 April 2011

The View from My Kitchen Window

This is the view from my kitchen window, taken this morning as I was filling the sink to do some washing up. I'd just tossed the bucket of water from the shower over the window and scrubbed it with the broom. You can see the trestle in the background - that's where Wayne has been painting his trains. The lawnmower is parked under it, ready for the boys to cut the grass. To the left is the barbcue and the smokehouse, with the clothesline just beyond.

I love my kitchen. It's not very big, it's compact size makes working in it easy. Most of all I love it for the view. Looking out the window, through the ferns onto the bush on the other side of the back fence I can almost forget we live in the middle of suburbia.

It's not our dream to live in the city, but at the moment it's where we are. We'll get back to country life soon enough. In the meantime the view from my kitchen window keeps me smiling.

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  1. I just moved house, and from a compact ktichen without a window - only a skylight - to a huge kitchen with a window and a view of trees and ivy. Did't realise until I had moved how much it meant to me to have a kitchen window!


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