29 April 2011

Too many bubbles?

We almost had a disaster in the kitchen the other day. I left a son (it's OK AJ, I won't name names) to stack and run the dishwasher. When I came back the dishwasher was spewing bubbles everywhere, the kitchen floor was more than half covered in lovely bubbles and the poor old dishwasher was literally groaning! He had inadvertently filled the detergent dispenser with homemade soap powder (I had the box sitting on the sink ready to make up another batch). Woops! It's a low sudsing detergent but not when so much is used in such a small space with such hot water!

When your handy helpers overload the dishwasher, washing machine or even the bath with too much soap, you can dissolve the bubbles quickly and easily with white vinegar. Just throw a cup of vinegar into the dishwasher or washing machine (or bath) and the bubbles will disappear.


  1. LOL I wouldn't like the job of cleaning the floor after that, but I see the funny side of bubbles spewing everywhere - sorry just too funny :-)

  2. On the upside the kitchen floor and the kickboards were very clean :)

  3. If you have ever rented a carpet cleaner and have the defoamer left over, a teaspoon of that will do the job. My last bottle lasted nearly 20 years and I used it in the frontloader if someone bought the wrong powder and the dishwasher a couple of times when children made a mistake. It is even more effective than vinegar and cheap if it is just sitting in the cupboard doing nothing.


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