25 April 2011

Patience pays off when it comes to bargain hunting

 Tom's "new" desk - my apologies for the quality of the photo - I just couldn't get it right!

A few weeks ago Thomas asked if he could have a new desk. It seems that with his studies this year his desk just wasn't big enough. He needs more space so he can spread out his books, computer and still do the drawings for his assignments. I've been thinking about his question for ages, looking at desks, checking freecycle and the local paper, I even logged onto the Ikea website to see what they had to offer. Everything was either too expensive, too small, too big or too flimsy.

Until yesterday. I took the car to pick Mum up from the bus stop and I am sure it wasn't there when I left, but 10 minutes later as we turned the corner to come home it was. A lovely solid timber computer desk. I was so excited I ran into the house to tell Tom about it. Of course he was not at all interested - he was busy, so I nagged suggested that Wayne go down and have a look at it. It was on the nature strip, only three doors down, it wouldn't take him long. Smart man that he is he thought my suggestion worthwhile and off he went.  He was gone so long I almost sent a search party out for him.

It's a great desk, in really good condition, so he knocked on the door and asked if we could have it. The people were grateful to see it go (it's still another week until hard rubbish collection) and they were hoping it would go quickly.

So Tom and Wayne wandered down and carried it home. It has cleaned up beautifully. I bug sprayed it - just to be sure, I really don't like bugs, especially in my house, and washed it with soapy water. When it was dry I polished it with furniture wax and it has come up, not like new, but almost. There are a couple of scratches on the top and one of the drawer handles was missing. A desk mat has covered the scratches and Wayne found a large ring to use for the drawer handle. It will do fine until we find three matching handles.

Thomas is very happy with his new desk. And best of all, one thing came into the house and two things went out. He put his old desk and the matching shelves on the nature strip and just a few minutes ago a car pulled up, out jumped a woman and she picked up the desk. We thought she'd decided not to take the shelves - but no, she was back a few minutes later and picked them up too. Guess I thought she had more room in the back of her car than she really did.  I hope they've gone to a good home.

I am so glad we waited. We could have gone out and bought a new desk as soon as he asked for it. Or I could have bought any number of others that I've looked at, but they would not have been as ideal as this one.

It's big enough, solid enough and the price was just right - absolutely free!

Sometimes I think we are so used to instant everything that we don't wait. As soon as a want pops into our minds we have to have it. Waiting for a want has paid off big time, much to our delight.


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  2. Hi Kath
    in my young student days I made a fabulous desk out of 2 matching bedside tables with a solid wood door just laid across the top-lasted me for years, and looked good in my study.


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