21 April 2011

Four simple steps to de-cluttering

Getting organized and de-cluttering can seem overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of clutter to clear. Breaking each job down into these four simple steps will help you de-clutter your home and your life, saving you money, time and energy.

1. Pick a room, area, or desk drawer to declutter. Pick a single, specific area. The linen cupboard, your bedroom, under the laundry tub or even the top of your desk or the kitchen junk drawer. Be specific with the de-cluttering zone.
2. Remove everything out of the space. Empty the drawer onto a bench or the floor, take everything off your desktop.
3. Go through the pile item-by-item.  Ask yourself  "Do I really need it?". If yes, move it back into the room, putting it away where it should be.  Remember, a place for everything and everything in it's place.
4. If no, put it into one of three piles.  Have sell, donate and recycle piles. Put the things you don't want, use or love into one of these piles. When you have finished sorting, pack each pile. Put the donate pile into the car to drop at the op shop next time you're out. Put the sell pile into the garage ready for your garage sale or to go on eBay. Put the recycle pile into the recycle bin or take it straight to the recycling depot at your local tip.


  1. Do you want a weekend at the beach to help me declutter?

    Di McDonald

  2. Perhaps we could help each other! I can't believe how much stuff is going out of this house, and I've never considered myself a hoarder!

  3. A good friend of mine said one day " the more you have, the more you have to look after", I know ask myself do I really care enough to keep and treasure this, and often ask myself this when I see something cute that I don't need. This passing comment not only saves me time but money and worry!

  4. I was a classic keeper of everything. Then we moved interstate three times. With the cost of moving, I was forced to assess, do I really want this? We culled and with each move, we found that we had less to get rid of. Now I can't bring myself to have things we don't really love. We use our good things, we display our treasures and we pass on the things that are sitting in cupboards not being used. Our house is much more pleasant to live in and cleaning is an easier proposition.

  5. We lost everything in the 2009 bushfires. This has really made me realise that pretty much everything i'd kept because i wanted to save it for my children or just in case, didn't really matter in the whole scheme of things. It's made me a lot less materialistic & sentimental about material things. So now i only buy if i absolutley need it or if i don't have anything else already that will do the job. There is always good to come from bad!!


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