04 April 2011

Keep craft papers organized

If you are into scrapbooking, card making, quilling or any other paper based craft you will know the importance of keeping your papers organized. Most papers need to be stored flat to avoid curving so look at using office in-out trays. They are usually stackable and can be labelled for colour, size, quality etc Another option is sets of stackable A4 size drawers. Label the drawer with colour and size. The advantage of both these storage options is that they can be displayed on your craft table or you can hide them in a cupboard. Either way your papers will be sorted, safe and ready to use when you want them. For larger papers keep an eye out for a set of plan drawers, the type used by architects to store their plans, they are large enough for the biggest sheets of craft paper. Keeping your papers sorted will stop the need to constantly buy new paper simply because you can't find the colour or pattern you want.

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