11 April 2011

Crazy Patch Recycled Throw

This is a great idea for a winter craft project was sent in by Vicki Judd.  Being made from polar fleece there is no fraying to worry about as you stitch. Use tailors chalk to mark even lines around the edge of each square so your blanket stitching is even and your rugs will look fantastic.  A good size to start with is 6 squares across by 7 squares deep, a total of 42 squares.

How to Make Your Throw
Rather than throw out or give away all the polar fleece jumpers, dressing gowns and other garments that the kids have grown out of or that are in need of being replaced make them into a warm and cosy knee rug or quilt. Cut out 25 centimetre squares from them and using scraps of 8 ply wool, blanket stitch around each square. Once you have enough in different colours and patterns, sew them together into a throw rug or blankets for beds, they great for when it's cold and you don't want to run the heating. They can be either stitched by hand using an overcast stitch very small so it won't be noticed or maybe using a large zig zag stitch on a machine.

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