12 September 2013

A Word About Sponges

Don't! That's the word. Not only are sponges unnecessary in the kitchen and bathroom, but the are the perfect breeding ground and home for germs.  Sponges start to smell off because bacteria are growing on them. It is quite possible that wiping over the bench, doing the dishes or even scrubbing yourself with a sponge is adding more germs, instead of removing those that were there.

You can use anti-bacterial dishwashing detergent and soaps, but while they kill bacteria, they kill all the bacteria, good and bad. They are not so good for your skin or the environment.

Dishcloths on the other hand can be washed daily. I change my dishcloth in the kitchen every morning when I put out a clean tea towel. If it's been a busy day, it may get changed two or three times.  Hand knitted dishcloths are sturdy and last for years and can often eliminate scrub buds from your kitchen too.

Face washers in the bathroom are the same. They can be changed daily, washed and line dried they will be clean and safe to use. Towelling or hand knitted bamboo or cotton, they are a better option than sponges.

Here is the pattern for a basic knitted dishcloth

And here is the pattern for a prettier, patterned dishcloth

Both these patterns can be knitted in cotton or bamboo and used as dishcloths, face washers or general cleaning cloths.

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  1. Hi Cath, can you use these successfully to replace those round shower puffs too.? I do like how a shower puff really froths up the shower gel and so easy to wash yourself with, so I'm not sure whether this would be a good substitute? Thanks, Kelly


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