30 September 2013

Easy, Pretty and Practical Food Covers

We had our second barbecue of the season this weekend, with lots of good company and of course good food. And naturally, along with the good food came the hoards of flies and other beasties, buzzing around trying to get their share.

Quite frankly I didn't feel like sharing with them so I pulled out my stash of food covers. Remember back in the late 70's, early 80's, those shower cap style food covers were all the rage? I rather think they really were just disposable shower caps (they looked very much like the complimentary shower caps you get in motels) and they were ugly, disposable (so added to landfill) and expensive.

A couple of years ago I decided to make my own. They are pretty, practical and washable. And they are so easy to make, no special sewing skills required.

You will need:
Scraps of cotton or cotton blend fabric, a little larger than the size of the bowl you want to cover
Matching thread
Bias binding, matching or contrasting colour
Narrow elastic
Sewing machine

Step 1.  Put the fabric wrong side up on your work surface. Put your bowl upside down in the centre of the fabric.

Step 2.  Measure 8cm from the rim, all around the bowl. Using tailor's chalk or a very light lead pencil, draw a circle all the way around the bowl, joining the marks you made. You should have a circle marked 8cm from the edge of the bowl. Remove the bowl and cut out the circle of fabric.

Step 3.  Bind the edge with the bias binding. Then place the circle wrong side up in your sewing machine, with the edge under the presser foot. Lay the elastic  on the edge and sew a few stitches, using a zigzag stitch. Stretch the elastic and continue sewing to zigzag it to the edge, adjusting the elastic and your hand as you sew, making sure you keep the elastic on the edge, until you have sewn right around the circle. Fasten off.

That's all there is too it. They take less than five minutes to make, use fabric scraps you already have in your stash so they are frugal and they are re-usable!

Make them to match your kitchen or your picnic set. Make a set to give as a kitchen tea or housewarming gift. Add them to a picnic set to add a handmade touch to a bought gift.

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